My Highland Protector

My Highland Protector

Book Two: Warriors of the Highlands

After saving Robert the Bruce’s life, Cameron Campbell finds himself rewarded with an enemy’s castle. His first act as laird is to release the wretched prisoners in the dungeon, one of them no youth but a flame-haired beauty on the brink of death.

Alas, though Cameron is no stranger to war, he’s nonetheless a stranger to women. Still, he vows to do his best to nurse Aislinn back to health.

Although if he thought her helpless, he couldn’t be more wrong. Fierce and loyal to her kin, Aislinn insists upon setting out to find her father and brother, both having come from Ireland to fight for King Robert.

Despite that Cameron believes them executed by now, and against his better judgment, he joins her on a dangerous quest to discover her family’s fate, never expecting to lose his heart along the way.