To Love A Billionaire: The Complete Series

To Love A Billionaire: The Complete Series

Books 1-4

Enjoy four sexy contemporary novellas in one volume in bestselling author Miriam Minger’s To Love A Billionaire: The Complete Series!

Book 1: The Maiden and The Billionaire

Still a virgin at twenty-three, geeky research assistant Hannah Flom has never done anything exciting in her life…until the billionaire treasure hunter Cain Thorson makes her an astonishing proposal to join him in an intimate game for two unlike anything she’s ever dreamed. Will she throw caution to the wind and accept his offer to make her deepest, most secret fantasies come true?

Book 2: The Governess and The Billionaire

Awakened to overpowering desire, Hannah Flom yearns to discover so much more about the passion that lovers share. Yet when she sees Cain Thorson again, will she be able to hold her emotions in check and be as wild and free as the devastatingly handsome billionaire as they play their seductive game for two?

Book 3: The Pirate Queen and The Billionaire

Realizing she is falling in love with Cain Thorson, Hannah Flom feels herself being drawn deeper into their irresistibly addictive game. That’s all it is to this rolling stone of a billionaire, isn’t it? A game that she vows to play this time as a wicked and dangerous woman that will allow no man to toy with her emotions or steal her heart.

Book 4: The Highland Bride and The Billionaire

Hannah Flom tries to convince herself that she never wants to see the billionaire treasure hunter Cain Thorson again, but she knows it’s a lie. When he dares her to join him in Scotland, she accepts his challenge but tells herself that this will be their last intimate adventure. One secret fantasy still burns in her heart, but why wish for a dream that can never come true?